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Battling procrastination

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It’s human nature to put things off that we don’t enjoy doing. We procrastinate about doing them, which in the end only makes them seem bigger and far harder than they actually are. Many people want to get organized but they don’t know where to start. This causes them to feel overwhelmed and then they procrastinate about getting organized, period.

Once people finally decide once and for all that they are going to get organized no matter what it takes, and they call us for help, they feel absolutely amazing when it’s done. You know why? Because things we put off and procrastinate about nag at us constantly. It’s irritating, it weighs on us.

No matter what you procrastinate about doing, it feels so good when you finally do tackle those things. And, inevitably we wonder why on earth we put it off for so long. Can I be honest with you? The #1 thing I dread is making phone calls. I just made 6 phone calls that I’ve been putting off in under 40 minutes. Over, done, finished. The nagging weight is gone. What have you been putting off that you can start tackling today?

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