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Ahhh, such music to my ears

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I have a 25 year old daughter that suffers from ADHD. Living a peaceful, orderly, organized life has never been easy for her. We’ve had many challenges over the years and I’ve been extremely hard on her in many instances thinking that would straighten her out.

Because of my work as a Professional Organizer, I have taken countless classes on ADHD and have learned so much about it. Unbeknownst to me all of the years she was growing up, people with ADHD struggle with organization.

Since I wasn’t educated on ADHD when I was raising her, I would go back & forth between ignoring what she wasn’t doing and yelling at her for not putting things back where they belonged. Many times she would have to take a zero on a paper she did but stuck in the wrong place so she didn’t have it when it was time to turn it in for grading. For a large part of her life I ran behind her putting things back where they went so her days would still function smoothly and because I tired of yelling at her all of the time. I would remind her 6, 7, 8 or more times to do something, only to find that she’d forgotten anyway.

After I started my business in 2007, whenever I would try to help her get organized she’d quickly remind me that she didn’t hire me to help her get organized (she’s a sweetie but very stubborn). When she got married and moved out, she told me that she would like my help getting her organized at her new place. Such sweet music to a mother’s ears. She now has 2 small children of her own and really gets how important it is to be organized with children.

We both acknowledged that she probably never even noticed how much I went behind her putting things back where they belonged. She admitted that being organized made life so much easier and that being disorganized was so very stressful. She was a walking commercial for what I do. It was a very exciting day for me, many years in the works finally paid off!

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