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Why we hold on to our stuff

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There are some common reasons that we hold on to our stuff. Once we realize what is stopping us, it becomes easier to acknowledge it and then let it go. It actually is very empowering and freeing to let things go.

  • Fear – We are afraid to let it go because we might need it some day. If you take the time and think the items potential use all the way through, you’ll more than likely realize that chances are you really won’t need it.
  • Denial – Letting go means saying goodbye to things, people or a time that you’re not ready to say goodbye to. It’s usually not the item that you want to keep, it’s what the item represents.
  • Guilt – We feel like we must keep gifts that we dislike or we would be rude and hurt the giver’s feelings.

(If you’d like to know more about why we hold on to stuff, get your copy of The Truth About Clutter: Why Am I Holding on to This.)

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