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Where’s the fork?

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Have you ever wondered where you would find a fork, or where the fork should go when you’re finished with it? I doubt it. That’s because the fork has been assigned a home in your house. Getting organized simply means finding a home for everything, so that you can find it as easily as finding a fork, when you need it. And you know exactly where it goes when you’re finished with it.

Another crucial part of staying organized is de-cluttering on a regular basis. This means you revisit every area of your home, office or cubicle to see if you still need the things in it. Do they still serve a purpose or hold a special meaning. If they don’t, then they should go.

  • Do you still need all of the cards you received when your 15 year old daughter was born?
  • Do you still need the boxes, cords and instructions to electronics you no longer have?
  • Do you still need the policy and procedure manual from 4 years ago when it’s been completely revised?
  • Do you still need the file of paid invoices from 2001?

I’ll say it once again, ALL CLUTTER IS SIMPLY DELAYED DECISIONS. If you take the time now to make those decisions you’ve been putting off for years, you’ll be able to breath easier and have a more efficient space. Need help? Just call or email us.

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