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The Vision

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This spice cabinet in my home has not been working for a long time. It is crammed full of things, I can’t see what’s in there, and it’s a nightmare to get anything out of it. I’ve been putting off re-organizing this cabinet for so long because I didn’t want to stop and take time out of my busy schedule to do it. Saturday I tackled and conquered it.

I took pictures along the way in the hopes that it will help you to know how to re-organize different areas of your home or office. We’ll go through it step by step this week.

Just as with any organizing project, I started off by determining what my vision or goals were for the space.

  1. I wanted to be able to easily see what was in the cabinet.
  2. I wanted to be able to get anything out of the cabinet without having to take a bunch of stuff out to get to what I really wanted. And then have to put everything back in the cabinet after I used an item.
  3. I knew things had just been thrown into the cabinet without any rhyme or reason for their placement. I wanted to put like things with like things to simplify using the items in the cabinet.
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