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The sneaky attack of paperwork

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Who doesn’t struggle with piles and piles of paperwork? Very few people, that’s who. I am highly aware of all of the marketing tactics there are out there that sneak paperwork into people’s homes and offices. One of the tactics that works like a dream is giving you additional paperwork with your receipts.

For just one week, make yourself really pay attention to all of the paperwork that people hand to you. Watch how you take that paper, put it in your car and take it back to your office or home. That junk paperwork is then mixed in with your important paperwork and the piles continue to grow.

There is a lot of power in simply making yourself aware of this practice. Then, you can create a habit of reviewing each one and tossing the paperwork before it even gets into your car.

Here are some great places to watch for the sneaky attack of paperwork:

  • Several extra coupons are now handed back to you along with your receipt.
  • Sales ads are handed to you with your receipt.
  • You buy 1 thing and receive a 12-14 inch receipt with extra marketing on it.
  • Shopping mall sales people are dying to shove marketing paperwork in your hands as you walk by.
  • Expecting a baby? Watch for all of the “freebie” coupons that your doctor sends you home with, or that you receive in the mail.
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