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After determining your vision, sorting and then tossing your items, it’s time to determine where they should live based on their usage. I had an empty drawer in my kitchen that I hadn’t realized before. I shifted other items in my kitchen around so that the right size drawer was empty. I wanted to put my spices in a drawer so that I could make my vision for the spices a reality.

  • I would be able to see the spices easily.
  • I would be able to get anything out of the drawer I needed very quickly. And return the item to the drawer just as quickly.
  • I could also reach in very quickly and get my Sweet & Low for my tea, rather than having to struggle with getting the box out of the cabinet each time I made a glass of tea.

By taking the time Sunday to organize my spice cabinet, I have already set myself up to be more productive and less stressed in the kitchen. It only took me an hour to do it too!

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