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Reducing junk mail tips

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  • Visit the Direct Marketing Association website. There you can manage credit offers, catalogs, magazines and other mail offers. They make it super easy to manage what mail you do receive. You must re-register after five years. You may also register deceased loved ones with their Deceased Do Not Contact list.
  • Another great website that manages a large variety of solicitations you get is Catalog Choice. Their service works with you to stop catalogs, coupons, credit card offers, phone books, circulars and more.
  • Penny Savers: You can call 800-422-4116 or mail request to Circulation, c/o Penny Saver, 2830 Orbiter St, Brea, CA 92821.
  • The Flyer: You can call 813-626-SELL or mail request to Circulation, c/o Flyer, 201 Kelsey Ln, Tampa, FL 33619.
  • Val-Pak Savings Coupons: They maintain regional lists, not a central one. Send your request to the address printed on the envelope you receive. If you receive the blue envelope, you can use their online form to remove your address.
  • Charity Donation Solicitations: Charity Navigator shares a list of tips that will help you stop these pesky and unwanted solicitations. The minute you give to any charity, your contact information spreads to the rest of the charities so they can start hounding you too.

Download a list of simple steps you can take to stop junk mail.

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