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Preparing for a move?

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Preparing for a move is the key to a successful, stress-free move. You can begin preparing months before you move by determining what items you know you won’t use before you move and packing those right away.

Establish where your holding zone will be. A holding zone is an out of the way place where you can begin storing any boxes that you pack in advance. Be sure to mark each box with the room that the box should land in at the new home in big letters. In smaller letters, you can write a brief description of what’s in the box.

Take the time to wrap fragile items while packing.

You can also begin making a list of all of the people and places you will need to notify of your address change once you move.

Did you know that our team helps overwhelmed people unpack and set up their new home in an organized manner? Give us a call at 314-221-5232.

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