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Move preparation

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After months of waiting you finally sold your house and are preparing to move. Here’s a quick check list to guide you through the process.

  • Fill out a change of address with the post office.
  • Contact utilities to schedule service terminations. Keep a list of who you talked to and the date you’ve schedule the services to end for reference. Be sure to provide them with your new mailing address.
  • Begin packing room by room, keeping like items with like items.
  • Label each box in big bold letters with the room that you want the box to land in at the new house. In smaller letters put a brief description of what’s in the box.
  • As each box is packed and properly labeled, move them out to the garage or another holding area.
  • Create a donation area and schedule a pick up by your local charity a few days before your move. Anything that you are giving to others, make plans for them to come and pick them up right away.
  • If you don’t feel like cleaning or don’t have the time, you can schedule a cleaning person to come in and make sure things are nice and clean for the new owner.

One of the services we provide is to help before or after a move. We can help you pack, declutter and prepare for an organized move, we can unpack and set up your home in an organized manner or we can do both.

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