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Making it work

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Since there was enough stuff in my spice cabinet to really fill two spaces, I separated the spices from the flour, sugar, etc. After raising a couple of the shelves in the cabinet so that the larger spaces were on the bottom two shelves, rather than the top two like it had been before, I began returning items to the cabinet.

I placed the items in the cabinet based on their usage, with the most frequently used or larger items on the bottom shelves. And the less used or smaller items on the top shelves. I was also able to put other items in the cabinet too, like boxes of tea. I had two boxes and was able to consolidate them into one box.

There is even room left to grow in both the cabinet and drawer. That is a real critical part of getting and staying organized. If you will just follow the steps from this weeks blog posts, you should be able to organize any area of your home or office.

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