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Let’s tackle those closets

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Our closets are a place that we use very frequently. If they are clutter filled and not in order, this can add to our daily stress because we waste time and energy searching for the things we need on a regular basis.

Start off tackling the closet by pulling everything out of the closet and sorting the items into categories. Do not try to make any decisions on whether you need an item at this time, just sort. Once you have completely sorted the entire closet into categories, you can go back and make a more informed decison about the things you need or don’t need.

Here is a list of the advantages of sorting before you make decisions:

  • Rather than looking at twenty different white t-shirts through the course of looking through your closet, and making twenty separate decisions, you will only have to make one big decision. You may have chosen to keep all of them if you looked at them one by one, but you would make a better educated decision if you saw a pile of twenty white t-shirts together. More than likely you would realize that although you like each t-shirt, you probably don’t need twenty of them.
  • You can combine two or more 1/2 empty containers of the same thing such as tylenol, lotions, cold meds, etc.
  • Once you have decluttered the things in your closets, everything that is left will already be sorted into categories. This way you can easily store those items together which will make finding those things easier in the future.
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