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It’s a constant battle

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Junk mail is a real problem. Unless you keep a good handle on it, your mailbox will be full of it every day. I work with so many clients that are completely overwhelmed by their piles of paper and mail. Junk mail is my biggest pet peeve so I am extremely proactive about stopping it.

Even though I have taken all of the steps to stop junk mail that we share with our clients, I have been bombarded with a bunch of junk mail the last two weeks. Probably because of the upcoming holidays.

I had received about 15 different pieces of mail that I considered junk mail so I took the time to look up each company’s phone number and call them. Some of the companies required that I send my request in writing. All in all, by the time I was done contacting each company, it took me about 2 hours.

You might think that you’re too busy to waste 2 hours calling people to stop junk mail but I can guarantee that if you don’t take the time to call companies and get off of their mailing lists, your junk mail will multiply in no time and you’ll be spending 10 times longer dealing with your ever-multiplying junk mail.

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