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Great iPhone apps

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I invested in my first-ever iPhone last month and am amazed at all of the fantastic apps available out there. Here are a list of just a few that sound intriguing to me (and might be helpful to you):

  • Must Read! – Keeps a running list of books you want to read. Search by author, title, subject or other.
  • BillTrack – Keeps up with bills. You can even set up recurring bills, but then they’re set up for the same amount each month.
  • Beatthetraffic – Lets you know where the traffic is backed up so you can take a different route.
  • CraigsPro+ – Shows you the best of the best on Craisglist.
  • CardMunch – Takes photos of business cards and then uploads the information to your contacts automatically.
  • Dragon Dictation – Is a voice activated email composer. Love it!
  • Grocery IQ – Keeps track of your list for every store, not just your grocery list (Target, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.)
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