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Getting organized takes time

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While working on a client’s basement last week we spent 5 hours going through Christmas stuff. That seems almost unbelievable since she didn’t have an excess of Christmas stuff, doesn’t it? You may be asking yourself why in the world it would take two people 5-hours to sort through and organize just Christmas stuff. The truth is that getting organized takes time. But the time, energy and money that is spent getting organized is just a portion of the time, energy and money that you spend by not being organized.

Because we took the time to try out all of the light strands, untangle them, wind them up and store them together, the client will easily be able to see what exactly she has (that works) and what she needs when the time comes. She won’t have to search frantically for things that go together. She won’t have to waste time untangling the lights, only to find out they don’t even work. We also took the time to discard any broken, old or unwanted ornaments and decorations and then stored them together. Christmas ribbons and bows were gone through and untangled with the broken, old or unwanted ones discarded also. These were then given a home with the other gift wrap items. Duplicate items were donated to the less fortunate.

After Christmas is over this year, the client will know exactly which container everything gets stored in, where those containers go in the basement and exactly what items she has or needs. Because everything has been organized, she will be able to just enjoy the holidays! Wouldn’t you like to reduce your stress during the holidays?

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