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Today is my office day, a time to catch up on all of the background stuff it takes to run a business. As you can see I’ve been letting my blogging slide quite a bit. In life, as in business, we have to choose our priorities. And we must let other things go. My business priorities are serving our clients and running a successful business. Blogging falls very low on my list of priorities since we stay connected by posting daily tips to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. So if you’re not following us there, you should.

Since we go to our client’s homes or offices rather than them coming to us, I work out of a home office rather than a commercial office space. About an hour ago I went to the kitchen to get a soda and 20 minutes later I found myself cleaning out the refrigerator. Distractions are such a normal part of life and a big part of why people have trouble getting organized.

How many times have you thought you would organize a closet because it was driving you nuts and the next thing you know you’re in the basement moving things around because you got distracted while moving things that didn’t belong in the closet to the area they actually belong? This is such a common problem. When you work with professional organizers, that’s a big part of our job – keeping you focused on what we’re working on and stopping you from being distracted by the many other things that pop up while organizing any given area.

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