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Cute containers are a curse

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What? Why would you say that? Because there is seldom a home that we walk into that doesn’t have lots of cute organizing containers. I always say if a company makes a basket and puts a cute little bow on it, people are going to buy them up like hot cakes. The problem with buying these cute little containers is that you are making an uneducated decision. You think to yourself oh that’s so cute, I know I can use it for something. The problem is that you don’t have a plan for it. You think your CDs might fit well in it, or your DVDs. But when you get home you realize that it is the wrong size or shape to contain those items. Rather than returning the cute container, you keep it because you just know that you’ll use it for something. That never happens. The reason is that these cute little containers aren’t always practical or functional. Also, you have to sort through your belongings so that you realize what you need to contain, and how much of it you have, before you buy the container. My advice to you….don’t buy any more cute containers until you know what it is you need to contain.

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