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Conquer your paper clutter

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If you have piles and piles (or boxes and boxes) of paper clutter and you attempt to tackle it the way we would automatically by making a decision on each paper you pick up, you will be mentally exhausted after the first pile. The best way to tackle this, or any other clutter, is to sort the paperwork out first.

Without making any decisions at all, sort your paperwork into these categories:

  • Action papers – These are any papers that require action. Even if that means to enter a phone number in your phone book, a party invitation, etc.
  • Reference papers – These are papers that you have already taken action on and the information just needs to be saved for future reference.
  • Toss – These are papers that you no longer need.

The great thing with this process is that the paperwork that requires action is brought to the surface rather than blending in with all of the reference or dead papers. Action papers can then be sorted into smaller categories such as phone calls to make, bills to pay, etc. This immediately gives you a sense of control and empowers you to make the decisions that are necessary. The reference papers can just be filed and the toss papers can be tossed, recycled or shredded. Are you ready to tackle your paper clutter? I think you can do it! If you need help, give us a call at 314-221-5232.

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