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Battle of the basement

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  • Do you dump whatever you don’t want in the basement?
  • Do you remember what’s in your basement?
  • Are you overwhelmed at the thought of tackling the basement?
  • Do you wish you could use your basement as a family room or extra bedroom rather than a storage area?

Most anyone I talk to has a basement full of stuff they haven’t really looked at in years. They share with me the amount of stress they feel about the basement at all times. Though they never express those feelings verbally to anyone, they are feeling the weight of the clutter at all times. I can tell you that whenever a client hires us to help them, normally they are more than ready to let go of at least 50% of their stuff. They just didn’t realize it was there. You can tackle you basement by:

  • Sorting like items with like items
  • Purging those items you no longer need
  • Determining the best place for each category to live based on it’s use.
  • Determine the best container choices for each category
  • Label, label, label!
  • Enjoy your newly cleared and organized space!

If you need our help, we’re here. We love tackling basements. And our team services save you lots of time, money and energy.

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