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Organizing for Your Move

Organized Moving Boxes
The mere thought of moving can be stressful enough in itself, much less trying to figure out what to do with all of your stuff! Add to that, all of the moving pieces you’re trying to keep track of like home repairs, inspections, movers, change of address forms, etc.

Moving feels so overwhelming, that people often-times feel paralyzed and unsure of where to even begin – so they don’t. Not only can we help you prepare for your move, but we can also help you get settled in after your move! We’ve been helping people through this life-changing transition since 2007! We use our experience and resources to guide you through the entire process – from start to finish!

Before the move, we’ll help you work through your stuff to purge the excess, pre-pack the unnecessary stuff and organize the rest so that you’re not paying to move things you no longer need.

After the move, we can help you unpack and set up your new home – including help with furniture placement! It’s difficult for most people to know where to put their things in a new space. We take all of the guess work out of it for you by setting up your new home in an organized, functional and peaceful manner from the start.


As life changes, we often find it necessary to relocate to a smaller home, condo or retirement community. While this transition can be stressful and overwhelming, approaching it in an organized manner from the very beginning will dramatically reduce those feelings. Working together before the move, we will help you sort through your belongings to determine what to keep or let go of.


Getting married and merging households is an exciting but stressful time. We can help you sort through your belongings to determine what makes sense to keep, and what you can let go of. Working together, we’ll help you blend both of your belongings so that you’ll feel right at home, but not overwhelmed by all of your partner’s stuff.

Unpack and Set Up Home

Let us help you quickly transform your new house into a comfortable, inviting home by unpacking the moving boxes for you, arranging the furniture and setting up your new home in an organized manner so that you can get back to your normal routine as soon as possible. Imagine walking through the front door of your new home to find the boxes unpacked and your belongings beautifully organized. You won’t have to wrestle with these decisions:

Space Planning

Trying to figure out where to put your furniture and stuff in a new place can feel quite daunting. Let us take the stress out of it for you by helping you to create beautiful, peaceful and functional spaces in your new home. When you’re intentional about where your things will live, everyday life just flows so much better!

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